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Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:53 am
Re: Chain exposed?        

Dizo wrote:
Up here thats a very quick way to impound your bike ... Anything showing near the front sprocket and the cops go crazy, definitely dont ride north of the border if your in the States. Or is it just a really cool cover ...?

Incredible looking bike though, were did you find that headlight? Love how you kept the grab handle!

Canada? That would be quite a distance to travel as I live in Florida but man...Impounded for not having a sprocket cover is harsh!. Smile Actually that is the stock front sprocket cover but it has been cut and drilled. Nothing is actually exposed in the front. the rear guard has been removed though. The headlight is from Ebay as are the Cafe light ears. It is going through another transformation soon. I will start my own thread here and update.

Hey Cradle.. Dig the flat black on your bike and the dual light setup. Sorry for the threadjacking.

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