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Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:51 pm

So I found the fuses and they all checked out fine. Checked the battery... 12.5V. Checked the starter resistance... checks out. Turned the ignition on and checked the voltage on brown ignition power wire coming into the fuse box... 0.1V. Hmm... should be 12V... figured my I had a bad ignition switch or wiring harness so I take off the left fairing, then the tank. Harness is fine. I try to hotwire the bike by jamming a piece of speaker wire into the white & brown wire fusebox terminals. No dice. Then, while measuring the voltage and playing with the ignition switch I find the problem... A bad battery! Yes, I've just spent 4 hours diagnosing a bad battery.

What was happening is that when I hit the starter button the battery voltage would drop from 12.6V to 0V, then by the time I measured the battery voltage it was back up to 12.5V. It couldn't handle the load of the starter (or the dash lights for a time afterwards), but whenever I tested it, the voltage read good. That noise I heard was just the starter relay.

Moral of the story? Be sure to rule out the simple things first. At least I know how to hot-wire a motorcycle now Tongue

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