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Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:12 pm
Re: Engine disassemble, piston and rings replacement and valve t        

What I find undeniably hillarious about this very well written procedure is that you used MX for hex sizes and XXmm for bolt thread sizes, when the industry standard for metric bolts is that thread sizes are denoted using MX and the hex sizes are denoted by XXmm. For example, the spark plugs for the Ninja 250 are M10 spark plugs, and most of the Ninja is assembled using M6 and M8 bolts, most with 8mm and 10mm hex sizes. Are you trying to reverse the industry standard? Very Happy

Anyway, that aside, I am curious as to why you didn't hone the cylinders. Surely you want to knock off the glaze to allow the new rings to wear into the engine?

All things considered this was a wonderful read and I'm glad to know I'll have it when I one day rebuild my own 250. I plan on keeping it forever so I know I'll have to. Love this bike! Mr. Green

Thank you for your dilligent writeup!


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