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Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:45 am
Crash report        

On the fourth session of my first ever track day, I found myself in the middle of a group of riders going into a turn, the person in front of me got on the brakes hard, I freaked out and grabbed too much front brake, lost the front and low-sided on the right side, going probably around 60mph into a right turn (#3 at Thunderhill).
Helmet never touched the ground, small scuff mark on the boot toe, palm of the glove, and most of the impact on the shoulder and hip.

The bike had virtually no damage other than twisted front (about 20 degrees), which Lisa, the Z2 instructor who was working with me most of the day, helped me straighten out, and the organizers were nice enough to let me back on the track once we checked over the rest of the bike.

Pics of the Spartan suit:
Butt and right hip:

Small scuffs on the calf:

The main damaged part - right shoulder. It seems that the white leather is quite thin and worn through quickly, but the second layer of thick black leather underneath it is pretty much untouched:

Right forearm. The Spartan logo appears to be the only place that isn't triple stitched, so the letters ripped off. No big deal obviously.

Right hip again. Same issue with the logo as on the forearm, but the actual suit has only minor scuff marks:

Small scuff marks on the calf. And I have to say, having done this for the first time, dragging knee pucks around is very fun Smile

Overall, the suit very much did its job - I felt literally no pain, and couldn't find any damage on my body until later that night when I saw a small bruise on the hip; I suppose that makes sense since the hip protection is just a small foam piece.

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