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Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:57 am
Three essential mods        

I have three essential mods before I'll consider a Ninja 250 rideable for me: SS front brake line, proper springs in the suspension, and better tires. This bike came with BT45s, so the tires were covered. I put .95 kg/mm springs in the fork, and an '08 stock shock in back, with the preload cranked to maximum. The SS line is obvious. The '08 shock is ok, but noticeably undersprung compared to the .95s up front. Damping in the back was fine, although I'm still figuring out how to ride the thing on the track, so I won't be able to really judge that until some time next year.

I'm curious to see what Pirelli says to me regarding tires, but I suspect I'll go with one or the other of the Pirelli offerings. Half of Jim Race's reasons for liking the GT501 don't really apply to me, so I'm willing to break with his choice and try my own thing.

The gentleman's agreement "class" I'm running in specifies no fairings, so I'm running with no fairings. I don't really care either way, I just want to get the bike on the track and ride the snot out of it. Doesn't matter too much whether I'm slightly more colorful or not. Wink

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