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Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:15 am

He bought a new gen. It's not currently better in the corners (he certainly is, but the bike isn't), but that's only because he's still got the stock butter-soft springs in it. I'm the only one who came to the track with anything like race-ready suspension, so everyone else was getting chattering front-ends and horrible brake dive. They were still 10 seconds faster than me, but that's because I'm a horrible pansy.

And yes, once 220 does his research, I'm sure he'll figure out how to swap his CDI box, and he's an old hand at rejetting. One thing the vintage bikes teach you is how to not be afraid of diving in and fixing/improving things. These are basically all vintage 160 racers saying, "wait, there's another 160-like bike out there that's not 35+ years old!" The Ninja is 100 lbs heavier, but it's also 10+ horsepower stronger, with real brakes and reasonable suspension, and in the case of the 08+ bikes, an excellent selection of tires available.

I wrote up the race experience here:


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