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Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:22 pm
I definitely don't want a 30 year-old bike Disagree        

I was looking at your maintenance log for the '73, and there's just too much work bringing those back to life. But then, you're a better mechanic than I am.

Most of the racers here go through the same thing. The only time the local manufacturers made good bikes was when they were making bikes for Honda & Yamaha under contract in the 80s-90s. So, it's either spend USD 10,000+ for a new 600/1000 or mod the hell out of an NSR150 (2-stroke) or FZ150 (with a 240 kit) from before 1995. The NSRs are actually some of the fastest bikes at the track, because of the tight nature of it.

I can see the appeal of the cheapskate class to those of you who have had to build a beater from the ground up. All you had to do was take stuff off and mod the suspension and maybe exhaust/intake. There's not much real mechanical work you need to do. Just being able to hop on and go out there would be a major attraction for me.

I really wish the 250F had been sold here....

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