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Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:58 am
Centerstand gotta go        

With my mediocre body position this last weekend, viewed via the track photographer, I see that my knee and my peg feeler would have touched about the same time. If I'd been further off the bike, with my knee further out, my puck would be the first thing to touch down, with stock peg position. I don't think you need to move your pegs, but it probably wouldn't hurt anything. The centerstand, on the other hand, would have been grinding even where I was.

Honestly, don't even think about "dragging a knee." All that does is distract you from taking the right line and hanging way the hell off the bike. Work on body position and your line, and the knee will sort itself out. In three years of racing, I've only ever touched my kneepuck down once, and that was at about 15 MPH on a very tight kart track, on a CL175. I used to regularly drag my toe sliders on the CL175, but that hasn't been a problem this year, I suspect because my body position is getting better.

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