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Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:51 am
Re: Congrats!!!!!!!!        

ithaca00 wrote:
What is that front wheel off of? And that is one seriously light rear rotor. How is stopping with just that?

Its a 17" wheel, I'll have to ask the guys in the shop what it came off of. They fabbed it up for me, of course it went on a little easier than if I had needed brakes up front. No issues with getting it stopped as we have 9/10th of a mile to shut down. Of course there is the short shut down in about 1/2 that distance that you should be taking if you are going pretty slow. I use the same technique as slowing on the ZX12. Roll off, head up, EEEAAASSEE on the brakes lightly, let up for the curve....then EEEAAASSE on them some more, sometimes just light taps or pumps but never jam on the brakes.

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