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Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:30 am
Making my 2005 Ninja 250 into a naked bike.        

So the bike I bought wasn't in the greatest condition, it had been down a time or two, needless to say the fairings are sort of messed up. Today I was found out about "naked" 250's or "Streetfighters" but I'm thinking a naked clean look is more suitable to me. I took off both of the front fairings(the on that goes around the dash and headlight, and the one at the bottom that covers the exhaust pipe and stuff.) And it looks a lot better, but the dash and headlight look so bare and all of the wires and stuff are just showing.. It looks nothing like the other bikes, It looks like it needs something there with it.. Maybe a different tachometer and speedometer.

Where so people find these kind of parts, they all look custom made. How do I know what parts will fit onto my bike or what parts will be compatible?

Thanks guys, I really appretiate it.

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