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Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:14 am
Track day at Willow        

I've been looking at track days since my track bike is now nearly complete. But what I found is that most of the organizations in my area are only running on the big track, which has some fairly long straights. I'm wondering if its worth doing on the 250? I don't want to have my day ruined like in the canyons on the weekend, where folks on their big CC bikes go flying past on the traights and then drop anchor at the first hint of a corner, making me have to run slower to keep from hitting them, and passing doesn't help (some track organizers don't even allow it in novice level) because then they fly by again on the next straight. I'd much rather run on one of the smaller circuits, but they do not appear to be available (except for Superbike School, which is waaay too much $$). Anyway, opinions wanted, and if anyone is planning a track day this year at Willow let me know!

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