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Thu May 19, 2011 11:25 am
I took way less this time        

It just looks busy.

THe tires in the truck are for my 650 - I had to swap the front tire and was lazy. The guy at the track did it for $15.

As for my little episode, I had a great line, and was carrying more corner speed than normal. But right at the apex my attention shifted for a split second. I had a choice of trying to save it or standing her up. I think I made the right call. A guy in a later session tried to save his in the same spot and went down. You can see that I'm leaned over until just before I hit the dit when the bike goes upright. In my estimation, there wasn't enough room/time to lean further without ending up on dirt leaned over. The next track day is not going to be until after the summer. I don't deal well with heat. I'm trying to get CCSteve to go, and I'm thinking of bringing my 650 along too.

And when did you get a Duc? I don't remember seeing that post!!

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