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Thu May 19, 2011 4:32 pm
Nice writeup        

I assumed the tires were radials from your 650.

I can see why you don't need a windscreen. On my scooter, if I'm passing or need a little more speed, my chin is on the gauges. That'd be a little hard to do with that video camera where it is Smile

I do want to get some pictures of myself, as I'm sure I'm not leaning nearly as far as it feels like, just like you.

I agree that going into the gravel at lean would be bad. I originally thought as Matt did, that it looked like a little more lean would have made it, but motorcycling involves lots of instant decisions, and you can't really say what's best to do unless your in the rider's seat.

I'm always surprised at how straight the tracks in the US look. The roads I habitually ride have a lot more, and tighter, corners than those, but then I'm going at a lot slower speed. I suppose that for the average track speed of big bikes the corners still seem kinda tight.

I think I'd be scared to run w/o brakes, but I'm sure you could. Maybe, if you were always in the right gear, you'd be faster that way. It would take me a while to get confident enough to do that, though.

Makes me want to get the scooter out to the cart track. I'll have to swing down to the performance shop one of these days and see when they're going out again, so I can watch and see if it looks as scary as it did the last time I was there.

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