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Sat May 28, 2011 12:23 am
Welcome, and glad you're not giving up on biking (or the ninja!)        

There's lots of good info here that should aid you in putting together a nice streetfighter. There's a fair number of members here with bikes somewhere on the spectrum of fairings removed to totally customized for the heck of it.

Biggest thing in my opinion is ditching the stock headlight and gauges when the upper front fairing comes off.Those two items are shaped to fit nicely into the fairing, but without it they look odd (of course I'm only sharing my opinion). I have seen at least one bike that used part of the upper fairing to make a mini cowl, which was kinda neat. It was just the part near the headlight / gauges, and resembled something you'd see on a SV650 or similar.

I've seen many Ninja owners ditch the stock mirrors and go with bar end mirrors. They look great, are easy to mount and improve rear vision. They're not expensive either.

I'm not surprised to hear that the bike rides fine - they're pretty sturdy. The fairings make great frame protectors / sliders fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on point of view). Check the front / rear brakes and make sure that the caliper brackets didn't get bent in the fall. When I bought my bike it had been involved in a similar lowside and the brakes felt off - turns out the front bracket was twisted slightly and the caliper didn't slide smoothly.

As a small suggestion, have you taken a MSF course? If not, it may be useful in sharpening your skills as a motorcyclist.

Hope you and your Ninja continue to heal!

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