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Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:00 pm
The same happened to me, but....        

.....I kept riding and riding day after day until the feeling of being blown sideways became familiar.

At the same time, I kept increasing the cruising speed progressively.

It is seldom calm when and where I ride, most of the times the flags are fully extended.

I have noticed several things about riding in strong crosswind:

1) Gusts are much more annoying than steady wind; in severe cases, slowing down and tucking do the trick.

2) Eighteen wheeler's are bad things to follow or to pass; especially on the downstream side. Same for open fields and big masses of water next to the road.

3) Tight clothing is a great improvement over flapping one. Same for ear plugs and visors that close properly.

4) As pointed out by others, try to interfere less with the inertia of the bike. If you watch videos of falls, note that bikes can roll in perfect balance with no pilot as long as they have enough speed and a flat road ahead. The rolling effect of the wheels resist the side slide and overturn that the wind tries on you and the bike.

Best luck overcoming that bad feeling, bdee1.

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