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Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:54 pm
It doesn't need any "protection" per-say...        

they're covered up for cosmetic reasons.

And I'm with you on changing the tank, seat and removing those side covers. I think you ought to cut down the OEM fender to be more "cafe" looking (remove the sides basically), it looks better than no front fender and you retain the functional use to keep water/road debris out of your face.

For under the seat, if you switch to pod air filters, you'll have a ton of room where the airbox was, and it's not too hard to put most of the electronics on an easily-fabricated "shelf", though to do it right would mean shortening the wiring harness.

I've been looking for the right 250 to do just this to.... though I want to lace up some 17" spoke rims too.

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