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Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:01 pm
a bit more work        

Just removed the rear "fender" (not sure you'd actually consider it a fender, but there's a piece under the rear seat shaped like one!) Now I just need to find a way to mount the electronics that were mounted to it. Great idea though about the airbox! I'll definitely do that. Also, that's a great idea about the front fender, but... it's broken! I'm going to look into getting a new one. But you're right, it would look better if it had something small up there. Thanks for your help! Keep those ideas coming! (And I will keep you updated on how it goes!)

Oh, as for the side pieces, I was considering cutting off approx the back half of them. I think I need something there, if only for cosmetic reasons and not protection, to cover up all of the electronic pieces which don't look too good exposed. Hmmm... maybe not though, we'll see.

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