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Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:05 pm
Dual Headlights        

I've got an '07 and I want to streetfighter it. I've searched pretty extensively on this forum and the internet in general for more information on dual headlight kits on the Ninja 250. I've found a lot of people and threads adding dual headlight sets, but not a lot of explicit details about the wiring. If I've missed a thread that explicitly talks about this (not just the linked schematics on the wiki), please let me know!

The primary two options I see are:
1) Dominator Dual Headlight Kits
2) Headlights from other sport bikes (old FZR, GSXR, Buell, ZX7, etc.)

It seems as though the Dominator kit is pretty easy, and everything is included to just plug into the Ninja harness and you're on your way. I also like that these lights act as one light, as I am not a huge fan of one light on for low beam and both on for high beam (personal preference).

The other way is to take stock headlights from other bikes, but I have no idea what this entails with the electronics.
Do you need a relay?
Where do you get a harness or do you have to fabricate one (and how do you do that)?
What's the power of the stock H4 bulb and what wattage/style bulbs are appropriate?
Can this easily be wired to act as one bulb, so both bulbs have low and high beams using the stock lightswitch?
From those of you who have done either mod, were you pleased with the results and was it difficult?

Sorry for the exhaustive questions but if anyone can help, that would be awesome!
A guide describing the process might be perfect on the wiki (but I'm biased).

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