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Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:13 pm
It was good        

There were a lot of vendors there, and it seemed like a lot of people since they sold out of I think every group.

The bike didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I know what I need to do to it to get it up to where I want it. On the first session, still going slow and getting used to the bike I managed to scrape my boots twice! I wasn't leaning fully off yet, so that didn't help, but the smaller tires and the different suspension from my street ninja definitely reduced the cornering angle. Throughout the rest of the day I scraped 3 or 4 times more, even with fully leaning off, and that hasn't happened on my street ninja at all, so hopefully once I get it set up I can push it a bit harder. I know my body position isn't the greatest (mostly I can't get my knee out very far), but I am definitely leaning pretty far off.

My current to do list:
-GT501 front and rear (no grip complaints about the MT75s, they are just too small)
-stainless steel front brake line
-fox shock in the rear (either my street ninja or another one if I can find it)
-0.7 or 0.75 springs in the front (they are stock currently)
-stock pegs (current pegs look like they droop a little - not sure if it is the pegs or the rearsets)

It seemed like there was a huge range of riders in the C group this time - there were some sessions where I was constantly trying to pass someone, and others where I would be the one being passed. Unfortunately there was a crash in turn 2 (according to the diagram below, even though we were going the other way) late morning that spilled oil on the track, so the cleanup for that caused massive delays. C group only got 5 1/2 sessions out of the 8, so that kind of sucked. Throughout the day 4 riders crashed in that turn, and one of them was the guy parked next to me who didn't let his tires warm up before pushing it, so he high sided on the first lap of our session (second to last of the day). There's video of it too!! Go to 1:15 for the start of the action, and 3:30 for another angle from the bike that was behind him.

I do like the streets a lot better than the big track, especially with the ninja. Now that I have run it CCW, I want to do it the normal way, since I've heard it's a lot easier to run the normal direction.

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