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Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:41 pm
Holy multiple post batman!! Wink        

To do list:
-MT75 flickability - considering my ninja is sooo much more flickable than my Ducati, and I'm really used to my street ninja at this point, I'll trade off for the height Wink
-Fox Shock - I was really lucky to find the one I have, so we'll see...
-Springs - I have 0.7 in my street ninja, and I really like the feel, so we'll see.
-Rearsets - currently there are some aftermarket pegs on with stock rearsets, so all I need is stock pegs.

The video:
The guy on the silver SV was parked right across from us, and he came over to show us the video. That is C group - like I said there was quite the variety of skill levels out there, and he was definitely a candidate for moving up to B.

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