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Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:00 pm
interesting points!        

You are right- let me clarify what I meant by "stiff"- I was more referring to the "soggy" feel my old ninja had, tapping the front brake made the whole bike lurch forward etc. I don't really want a harsh ride that the 1.00 spring rate would produce (is this good logic?).

So just to stiffen the "preload" (is this a better word?) and help it from bottoming out in corner bumps with the extra weight and all -could I just cut a few inches off the springs and fab up new spacers to take up the slack and that will be enough?

What then, does heavier weight oil accomplish that I don't want?

Absolutely going to be making a brace for this puppy! good call. I'll probably just fab one up though out of aluminum block.

The project is going very well! I recently finished the tail & paint and wiring and motor build. Just need to finish this front end and re assemble the shaft/ rear end & make the under tail exhaust! Pics will be up shortly Smile

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