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Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:31 pm
Fiberglass Resin        

Whether you could use fiberglass resin depends if it dissolves or softens in gasoline. Whatever you use to coat the tank has to sit in gasoline for the rest of life of the bike. The last thing you want is for something to dissolve out of the coating and gum up the carbs if the bike is not run for a while.

It's perfectly possible that fiberglass resin would be fine. Then again it's possible that it wouldn't be. You'd have to know the exact chemical composition of what you use and it's long term resistance to gasoline.

There's also the factor of adherence to metal and/or rust. Again that would depend on the exact chemical composition of the material.

There are certainly reports out there of fiberglass fuel tanks in boats being partly dissolved by the ethanol in gasoline. Since you pretty much can't buy gas without ethanol these days, whatever you coat the inside of your tank with has to be resistant to ethanol in gas (plus any other additives like MBTE that might be in there).

You can't tell what stuff is just by looking at it (or even smelling it).

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