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Fri May 11, 2012 2:27 pm
The FAQ may not be gospel...        

But it was put together by a bunch of people who have a lot of experience on the Ninja 250.

You can, of course, run high-octane in your bike if you want. What we're trying to say is that it doesn't provide any real benefit, and does provide a slight decrease in performance. If you dig that, cool. It's your money.

Whether or not the EX250 engine is high-performance is a debatable point, but I think you'll find that in the motorcycle world, its HP/liter ratio isn't very high, and I suspect that's what Brian was referring to. (For example: the CBR600RR, at 105 HP, has 175.3 HP/liter, while the Ninja 250, at 28, has 112.4, or just 64% of the performance of a CBR600RR. By contrast, a Honda Civic, at 140 HP and 1.8 liters, is producing only 77.8 HP/liter.)

The fact is that the factory recommends low octane gas right there in the manual. They generally err on the side of safety, so Kawasaki and its lawyers think that 87 octane is perfectly safe for this engine.

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