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Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:11 pm

Wow, some people are just ridiculous. Here is the other set I sold him -

The MT75s were in pretty good condition (three track days on them, though probably 1.5-2 years old by now), but those race tires were almost completely shot. The rear had a little bit of tread in the center, almost none on the side, and the front had pretty much nothing all over, or at least not enough that I would trust it for anything but mild commuting.

(for reference to anyone else, I listed each set at $20/obo, and he offered $30 for both sets, so I took it)

I think the plan is to do both days, but we'll see. Andy has a fifth wheel he was thinking of bringing up so we could stay at the track, probably Friday night through Sunday. Either way, I should be there at least one day Smile

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