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Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:21 pm
Not unusual        

Front and rear brake linking is still the exception rather than the rule. It has nothing to do with ABS of course. You can link front and rear brakes without ABS. Unless linked brakes are specifically mentioned in any bike specifications, I'd assume they are not linked. My DL650A has ABS but the brakes are not linked. Goldwings have had linked brakes for decades and well before ABS was an option.

Honda seem to like "linked" brakes so it's no so much of a surprise that they put them on the ABS CBR250R, though they use an integrated system, not linked. They call it "combined ABS". Applying the rear brake also applies some front brake, but applying the front brake doesn't apply the rear. I guess this is to help out newbies who instinctively stomp on the rear brake in a panic stop.

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