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Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:13 am
Turn signals, done with the front end        

I bought a pair of "DOT Certified" turn signals from K&S. (I don't care that much about DOT compliance per se, as I'm pretty sure that the bike is non-compliant in some other area, but this was the only way to make sure they used an actual halogen bulb and were reasonably close to water-resistant). The original plan was to put them on one of the other holes in the headlight bracket, but when I switched from those garbage sheet metal brackets (seriously, how are so many other bikes in this section using those? did I just get a bad batch or something?) I didn't have any spare holes to mount turn signals to. I looked everywhere for some way to clamp them on to the forks, everything I found online was either hilariously overpriced, of questionable fitment, or both.

Then I realized I could probably attach them to the clamps on the lower triple. I went to Home Depot and got some angle brackets and drilled, filed, and Dremeled them into something that might work.

A little thin on the sides, but it'll do.

Remove the lower clamp bolt, add on the new bracket, put the bolt back in, and there you go.

End result. I'm liking how this is coming out. Next weekend I'll strip and re-paint those rusty exhaust headers, and maybe cut down the fender.

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