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Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:07 am
CBR250R OTD Price        

In July I paid $4369.15 out the door, in San Diego at Fun Bike Center, for a new 2012 CBR250R. This was a special promotion at the time and well below any of the other dealers I checked with, wouldn't hurt to try them now.

My '05 250 Ninja is a little stronger on top end and the Honda has a wider power band and is very,very quiet, they're both wonderful bikes, just quite different. I'll keep both of them, plus the 650 BMW and SR500, the Ninja for commuting, the Honda for light touring (just did a 3,000+mile trip on it), the BMW for heavy touring, and the SR500 for Classic rides.

I'm old and slow, the MPG for each is, Honda, usually in the 90's, Ninja, usually around 80, BMW, usually around 70 and the SR, around 60. I usually run 45 to 55 MPH in the back country where I live and of course, when I go to town I have to ride faster to keep from getting run over, so the mileage drops about 10 MPG for all but the BMW, it pretty much stays the same. I hope you enjoy what ever one you choose, they're all great fun.

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