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Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:28 pm

Yes, only having 4 valves to check is a big part of it, the 16,000 mile interval of the Honda is probably the biggest savings though. The valves are so much easier to check and adjust too. Once you get the valve cover off (they're both about the same up to that point, fairings, gas tank, etc.) there's plenty room to get the feeler gauge in.

If you should have to change a shim, you just pull the rocker arm shaft, slide the rocker out of the way and pick the shim off the valve with a magnet, much less chance of dropping something in the engine. The only drawback compared to the older bikes for me is, I have to go 150 miles round trip to get a shim and hope they have what I need in stock!! The newer Ninja would be in the same boat, but I hate pulling cams.

I would expect someone will make up a shim kit, like the kit for the KLR, for retail consumers soon, that would be a big help. I'm definitely in the market for one of those kits!

The older Ninja's are still the best bang for the buck!


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