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Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:42 pm
Custom mirror mounts        

aristurtle wrote:
So I've run into a problem with the right side mirror--I cannot find a way to mount one. The Emgo mount that clamps to the bar that the FAQ suggested doesn't fit on the bar. The FAQ suggested getting a replacement for the front brake perch that has a mirror thread on it -- all the aftermarket ones have a different bolt pattern than the one on the bike. (They are straight up-and-down, which I guess is typical on a dirtbike, but on the EX250, the bolts are offset). Am I just screwed? Should I try and grind down the Emgo mount so that it's narrow enough to fit? Should I just get bar end mirrors? What did other people do?

I am still adapting from the "enjoyable but gutless" Honda / Suzuki / Yamaha (zippiest of the lot?) light cruisers to my "back bending, wrist abusing, pretzel leg" Ninja. One of the first things I noted was the wonderful forward location of the mirrors, and how when I sat up best as best could, they were so narrow that I could not see much of my own lane. After I created my own pullback-riser handlebar mounts for Honda Rebel bars, my lane disappeared completely! I now have a wonderful mounting bar! It is a 1/2" x 1" x 8" bar with a pair of holes near each end to match the mirror holes. Bolt one end to the bike, mount the mirror on the other end, and VOILA! (French, "There it is!"). The mirrors are 5" or so higher, about 2" wider, and about 1-2" closer to the rider. I can see about 60% of my lane in either mirror, with ESSENTIALLY NO BLIND SPOT. Looking straight ahead, a vehicle in either side lane appears in peripheral vision just as it disappears from the mirrors. WONDERFUL, and inexpensive and easy to make. The distance between holes is quite sensitive, however.

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