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Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:52 am
Removing and replacing the fairings        

I recently removed the fairings from my 300. These are the most complicated fairings I've personally seen. There are lots of pieces, and lots of screws and plastic push-pin trim retainers. Getting the fairings off and back on is a project all by itself, at least the first time through.

To keep track of all the fasteners and where they fit, I screwed the screws back into the bike once a fairing was off. That makes it easier to put the right screw back into the right hole when re-installing the fairings, because there are multiple sizes and lengths. I put the trim retainers back into their holes in the fairing, with a piece of masking tape to hold them there until it was time to re-install the fairing.

When removing the forward fairings, a useful sequence is:
- fairing under the rider seat.
-cover strip below the fuel tank, above the side fairing.
- logo fairing (the fairing under the bike, with "Kawasaki" on it).
- front inner fairing (above the front fender. covers from below the headlights to the radiator).
- side fairing (this is the main cover for the side, and includes the turn signal. It needs to come off last because it interlocks with or is overlapped by other fairings.)

The logo fairing is in two pieces held together by two plastic plugs, and some people like to remove the plugs and take each half off separately. That might be efficient when only taking off the forward fairings from one side of the bike. I was taking off all the forward fairings, so I left the two halves together and simply removed the logo fairing as a single unit. It's easy to get out from under the bike.

When re-installing, the side fairing must go on first. I followed this sequence:
- side fairing.
- cover strip.
- under-seat fairing.
- logo fairing.
- front inner fairing.

Some folks have made videos of how to get some of the fairings off and on, and these are well worth watching for general tips. For instance, it shows how to remove and replace the trim retainers.

Removing the under-seat fairing, and the several small pieces back around the pillon:

Removing the logo fairing:

Removing the front inner fairing:

Re-installation of the rear fairings around the pillon, plus the side fairing, cover strip, and under-seat fairing:

BTW, down at the bottom of the side fairing there's a screw that goes into a squishy rubber plug. One of these plugs pulled out of its hole in the frame when I was messing with it. If that happens, the way to get the plug back into the hole is to screw the screw into the plug, and then use pressure on the screw to force the plug into the hole.

Frankly, getting the fairings off & back on is a pain, and making sure all those little tabs are tucked in can be tricky and frustrating. Eventually, though, after enough fiddling it does all fit back together the right way.

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