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Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:33 pm
Are the Klipsch, wit the covers off and more suited to banging out rock?        

Then yes, tacky and you really need to consider a better option for your home theater solution. If they're more along the lines of a ribbon speaker, sleek, svelt, and not overwhelming the space... then it might be a different story.

But, you'll never win. Women Generally don't give a rats ass about the kind of stuff guys find important. If you want speakers, find speakers she likes, or at least will allow to be in her space. If you think you may transition into Married life sometime in your future, you should mark well when something is worth fighting over (nearly never) and when you should aim for the best compromise you can get (nearly always).

Just think, in 20 years will it Really matter if you had to change the speakers? Hell, the only speaker in my house that's connected to the TV is built into the TV. And that coming from a guy who had ~$12k sunk into Carver amps (monoblocked to the speakers), DCM speakers, Velodyne sub, a bunch of high end cables, etc... back in the day. It really just isn't worth fighting over.

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