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Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:11 pm
Warning..... Pet peeve        

or you could have done the speed limit.

*sigh* didn't your mother ever get onto you about doing something just because everyone Else was doing it? The one I heard was "would you jump off a bridge..." Regardless of your belief on what speed limits Should be, isn't is just a whole lot better to choose to NOT be a criminal/commit a criminal act? I just don't see the justification for speeding. The time difference is pathetically small unless you're talking about thousands of miles. The risks are elevated (of legal issues along with physical ones), wear and tear is greater, expense is greater and the worst part is that it's setting the stage for Other things. People who routinely speed (I know a few) tend to show less regard for those around them ~ I'm guessing it's tied to this sense of no/low accountability for ones actions. But that's not the worst of it, the worst is that those same people are often rushing through OTHER things in life too... or distracting themselves away from other things while seeking constant stimulus.

I guess people who speed didn't grow up with this book as a staple:

But like I said, this is a pet peeve. Just ahead of those darn kids on my lawn.. (yes, that is SIC)

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