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Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:21 pm
Brian, Is that a slippery slope argument that you're using?        

BrianM wrote:
It's a pet peeve... one of those things that Really get under my skin, especially when discussed as if it's acceptable/everyone does it/whatever. People get away with speeding all the time so they have less belief in law. So then they text/use a phone while driving, or drive after having drinks because they don't have belief in Those laws. I know there's a moral stop for most people, but that's not the point if the individual threshold is past the legal one. Just as it's not the point that roads and equipment today can sustain higher speeds... it's a case of "just because you can, don't mean you should/make it right".

I don't own a cell phone, so you can't accuse me of that one, and I don't drink, as you know, so you can't get me for that one, either.

Can you come up with some other laws I'm supposedly going to break because I go 1 mph over the speed limit?

Anyway, you're correct that I don't have any respect for speed limits here in the US.
The limits were created by idiots, are enforced by morons, so that the completely mindless will be less likely to crash into trees and guardrails.

I prefer to drive a safe and prudent speed, versus the "speed limit".
Just because the speed limit is 75 mph doesn't mean it's safe to drive that fast on I-80 in January with 3 inches of snow on the ground, and thick fog while driving through Nebraska at 7 am.


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