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Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:08 pm
I cheated and went on 11/20 instead        

Decided I might have other stuff going on Sunday, so I took half a day off work and rode 250 miles, getting an Aerostich fitting (although not buying right now) and also visiting Cycleport, makers of my current armor who are 10 miles from the Aerostich event.

Aerostich sure looks snazzier than my Pillsbury-doughboy Cycleport armor. Excellent craftsmanship, too. But all that extra bulk on Cycleport is armor pads. Aerostich armor pads pale in comparison. Also, the kevlar mesh of my Cycleport stuff is bound to resist abrasion better than Aerostich's cordura. Their heaviest suit is 500-denier cordura and their lighter version is 200 denier.

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