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Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:34 pm
Having personally crash-tested a Roadcrafter at freeway speeds....        

funkshn wrote:
...Aerostich armor pads pale in comparison. Also, the kevlar mesh of my Cycleport stuff is bound to resist abrasion better than Aerostich's cordura.

I'd caution you against assuming that "more is better" attitude. Wink This is a Ninja250 forum, usually we're pretty good at seeing the difference between "enough" and "overkill".

I went asphalt surfing on 285 around DC, hit while doing somewhere around 70mph and Thankfully I didn't hit anything else and wasn't run over. Slide for a ways (I'd gone longer in leathers on the racetrack), got up and got off the road under my own power. The pads (I'd added the back and hip pads) did the jobs well enough that I had no soreness or bruising where they covered. The suit was done at that point, but I sent it in for "repair" anyway and 'Stich offered me a 50% off discount on a replacement suit (which is the one I'm still wearing today). That was 1998.

I've inspected the Cycleport kevlar gear a number of times, starting at the racetrack back in the mid 90's. I've got no problem with their gear, seems like great stuff but it NOT targeted to the same core audience as the Roadcrafter. Just like Leathers have a different core audience (and the Corona tank w/ Oakley sunglasses Tongue )

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