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Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:51 am
Tell me about Georgia heat        

There were a couple of factors that made me choose Cycleport. One, they were within a half-day ride from me so I could get fitted personally. I think that's pretty important - I don't fit well into stock sizes, as I learned again at the Aerostich fitting yesterday. Two, Cycleport offered a mesh fabric that was extremely tough, so it made mesh feasible to me. Based in SoCal, I was more interested in handling heat than cold.

I was talking to Tom Berry from Aerostich at some length yesterday and I mentioned my preference for mesh. He gave me the stuff about learning from the Arabs and their woolen robes, keeping moisture in, etc. He said that he uses his suit up to about 100 degrees and then simply doesn't ride in temperatures above that. I'd be interested in hearing your subjective experiences with your suit in high heat.

My last crash, two years ago, was the opposite of a slide. A guy did a U-turn from the curb and I t-boned him. It was quite a sudden deceleration. The suit kept me from breaking anything until a second later when I slid off the roof of the car, instinctively stuck my arm out to break my fall, and broke my wrist.

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