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Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:28 pm
My comfortable temp range is from below freezing to over 120*        

And that's sustained riding, not just a short outting. The most miserable temps are in the 80's when you Know that more ventilation would feel nicer, but as soon as you get into the 90's it's time to zip the suit up again and keep the hot air out. I tested that a LOT when I was in Phoenix for a year, and then again when I crossed Death Valley in August. It is absolutely more comfortable from the low 90's and hotter, to ride with the suit closed up than the same suit with vents open and those are Both more comfortable than fully perforated leathers (mine were Vanson Pro-Perf), and WAY more comfortable than nothing... talking physical comfort, not mental. Humidity never really makes much difference to me, it's hot or cold. I've never owned/worn mesh gear (don't trust it), but my perforated leathers were only good for a very narrow temp range without augmentation. That was the very reason I bought Aerostich to begin with, because I was tired of the song and dance of adding a waterproof layer, or an insulated layer, and then taking them off an hour later only to put them on again 5 hours later. Since most of my riding traditionally involves chilly morning, warm afternoons and chilly evenings (or trips into the mountains where temps/weather change rapidly), the more protective/well rounded gear suits me better. CA is foreign land to me, could be on the Moon for all it has to relate to my experiences in life, and each person is different in their tolerance levels and wants/needs from their gear.

Anyway, I was cautious about ordering a custom suit too but after constantly hearing the positive reviews about people being fitted over the phone I decided to just dive in. Honestly, couldn't be happier. They nailed it IMHO and my Roadcrafter is just as comfortable as my custom leathers when it comes to fit, with no short sleeves (a common issue for me) and pant legs that are Perfect when in riding position (again, a common issue for them to be too short). All armor in the right place at the right position, etc...

I've had a "sudden stop" encounter too (hit from behind, pushed into a car ahead of me that was almost stopped), and similarly broke the scaphoid in my left wrist. I've done some other tumbling in my Roadcrafter too, just can't find fault with the armor. I'm even thinking of my track tumbles in leathers with Much more armor and they all seem very similar.

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