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Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:08 pm
you cant say goodbye to a classic        

Goodbye 57 chevy?
Goodbye Stingray Corvette?
911 porche?
Harley bobber?
Hey look its an electric screwdriver , no one will ever use a regular screwdriver again.

The 250 was produced for over 20 years for manny reasons. Because it works for a lot of people of varying body sizes and shapes. It is also versatile in its uses. It can be a commuter, canyon carver, IBR bike, take it from Panama to Nome if you want. what other bike is 5 ft to 6+ compatible? Look at the google map on the site and zoom way out it is on every land mass except Antarctica.

but you may be right or your a troll ether way have a nice day.

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