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Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:50 am

It's not a bad choice, but a better idea is to buy a good used/older Ninja 250 as your first street bike.

Buying a new bike, of any type, as your first is a bad idea. Financing it is worse. Adding a huge/expensive bumper-to-bumper-5-year-all-included Maintenance Plan is the absolute worst!

With a cycle you need to know how to do the maintenance. It's not a car. You can't be running to the dealer every time the tire pressure needs to be checked or the chain adjusted - you have to be able to keep the cycle properly maintained by yourself - at all times - for your safety.

Just get a decent used Ninja 250, possibly with a few scuffs, for a lot less and ride it a while. Take a rider instruction course of some kind, and practice maneuvering and braking until you feel confident on the street.

Then think about making a change. If the Ninja is working well for you don't feel like you have to "move up". Plenty of seasoned riders enjoy the agility and economy of the 250 and never feel the need to "upgrade".

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