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Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:46 pm
ABS, trailers and snow.        

JustTim wrote:
It is the non-ABS version.

I've gotten used to ABS on the car. Looking forward to trying it on a bike.

JustTim wrote:
I am thinking about trailering it home

Why? With a month to wait, there should be a day or two when both the roads and the weather are acceptable. You're not a first time biker, so you should be familiar with various road hazards. It's a new bike take it easy, look at the route as you go to the dealer. If the dealer is more than about 5 miles from home, then trailer is a good idea. I wouldn't trust any bike for a first ride farther than that.

JustTim wrote:
Good thing we didn't get more snow today.

I just finished my estimate of earnings for the March 2-3 storm. My gross earnings were about $4500. It's been a very good season.

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