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Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:23 pm

Mine won't follow the 5000 RPM break-in limit either.
http://www.ntnoa.org/enginebreakin.htm This one worked for my IBA engine. Even though that was 12 years ago, I plan to do it that way again.

I sold that engine with 60K miles on it. It still sounded good. It didn't use any appreciable amount of oil. And, I certainly didn't go easy on it. When people would ask about riding a 250 in the Iron Butt Rally, I asked them the following:
Q: What is the correct action to take when riding a Ninja 250 on the highway and you notice the tachometer indicates 7500 RPM?
A: Downshift to bring the RPM back up where it belongs. The tachometer should be at 9000 during normal highway riding.

I don't know yet what the proper RPM is for a 300, but I'm sure it will be a lot higher than most people think is prudent. Looking at the torque curves for the engine, there is a peak just above 8000 and then it drops very slightly and holds steady to another peak around 10500. So unless riding it convinces me otherwise, the first sprocket change will move it to about 9mph/1000RPM. 8500 will then give me 76.5 mph.

One more week and I pick it up.

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