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Tue May 06, 2014 2:11 pm
My 300 is faster, but the old Ninja liked to rev better.        

Now that I've got more than 1000 miles on my 300, I feel I can answer this question.

I owned three of the older Ninja 250s. I haven't ridden the 2007-2012 250. The torque curve on the old Ninja looked a lot like the Horsepower curve on other engines. The faster the old 250 was going, the harder it pulled. (Q: If you're riding on the highway and look down and see that the tachometer on your Ninja 250 says 7500 RPM, what action should you take? A: Downshift, get the RPMs back up to 9000 where the engine runs best.)

The 300 isn't like that. It has a LOT of torque down low and continues to pull all they way up to the red-line. If you're used to the older 250, the 300 feels flat at high RPM. The 250 encourages hooliganism, the 300 allows it.

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