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Mon May 19, 2014 6:06 pm
Your statement is inaccurate        

DiddyKong wrote:
I do not miss having a carburetor. That was the 250's greatest flaw. It had to sit and warm up for at least 20 minutes before it would go without stalling. I know this was a common problem. My 300 is very reliable and gets lots of respectful looks from other riders. They are always surprised it's a 300.

The only reason why any Ninja 250 needed that long to warm up is because of two possibilities:

From the factory, the stock mixture screw settings were poorly done, and caused the bike to run too lean at idle.
Removing the plugs over the mixture screws and enriching the idle mixture always made the bike run better.

The carbs are gummed up from sitting for a long time, with gasoline left in the float bowls.
Only cleaning out the carbs properly, and then adjusting the mixture screws ever resolved this issue.

I've corrected enough Ninja 250 since 2002 with these two issues over the years to know that once the carbs are corrected, you have a fantastic running bike for many years.
Or, until the valves need adjustment.

But yes, you are correct in stating that it's common for Ninja 250's to have issues with the carbs.
There is no denying that little fact of reality.


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