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Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:40 pm
Complete 1600 miles / 30 hours / Mary & Tito's Recommended        

Just back, it was a great ride which had it all. Beautiful riding, Monsoonal Rains, and Technical Glitches. BTW US-60 through the salt river canyon ... best riding I've done in a while - highly recommended.

Really like the bike set up so I'll need to document everything which is why the bike is remaining loaded. I did forget a few items that I need to add and I need to work out the GPS, spot tracker, and credit card issues. Thought I had that worked out from the '13 IBR ... guess not.

The complete stats:

30 hours 39 minutes
1569.1 miles
60.1 Moving Avg
50.1 Overall Avg
5 hours stopped (which included: Helping a woman on I-40 change a tire and too many see the clerk episodes at the pump)

The primary goal of this trip was to get seat time = Check

The secondary goal was to keep my speed to 72 indicated, ~ 65 actual vs. WOT - to see if there was a noticeable difference in my overall avg.

-If you've read my '13 IBR posts you may have noticed that I commented on attempting to make up time on I-80 using WOT. Due to the wind the best I could manage was about 4 mph over the limit and not for long. The end result was crappy gas mileage (low 50's/High 40's) , gas milage and simplicity were my two real advantages. On top of crappy mileage keeping the bike stock meant that the wind took a physical toll on me as well.

I'm happy to report that the lowest mileage I had during the run was 59 and that was all up-hill (Albuquerque to Flagstaff) , into the wind, with buckets of rain being dumped on me. A nice smooth ride almost no wind-buffeting. That put's me back in the 280miles range, which is respectable enough.

The tertiary goal was to check and refine my set-up = check (not done see note above)

Bonus goal - got to check my waterproofing = needs work.

Salt River Canyon (US-60).jpg

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