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Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:03 pm
Am I old? Or cynical? Or maybe both?

It's fun to read some of the promo. Like, "You really can wear these under your regular jeans! Your friends will never know!" Oh, baby, my friends KNOW when my armor's on. I look like the freakin' Pillsbury Doughboy. So, these garments are so that you can LOOK bad-ass without actually BEING bad-ass? I guess that is a prevailing theme in some segments of the motorcycling community, like accountants on choppers.

Anyway, I'll stick with my ridiculous-looking Motoport kevlar mesh. Three collisions since I started riding again, although they are increasingly in the past, the last one almost three years ago. Three insurance settlements from the other parties, two totaled bikes, three fractures of bones that weren't inside the armor (no injuries to anything that was inside), the armor looks almost untouched, and I'll never look bad-ass. I'll pass on the stealth underwear.

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