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Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:11 pm
Carb Help        

Here's a technical question for all the fuel air experts on the list.

I currently have stock (sea level) carbs that are providing great performance (fuel & power) up to about 3000 ft. form 3000-5000 ft power is still good but my milage is decreasing (probably because i'm giving it more throttle to keep the power in the acceptable range). Above 6000 feet both power and milage is pretty bad.

What I'd like to do is re-jet the carbs to preform optimally 3000ft. i'd probably take a milage hit below 1000 ft but (but only slight. I should see a power improvement above 6000ft.

Any one have an idea which jet size i'd need to hit the range I'm looking for? or recommendations for places to get smarter on carburetor fine tuning.

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