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Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:40 pm
I don't have access to the needle measurements...        

But, generally speaking, they Should richen up the mid-range since that's the big choke point with carbed motorcycles. If you're going to buy a kit, I'd recommend Factory Pro, heck they may even work out a deal with you if you're running the IBR. It never hurts to ask... I have no idea how big their company is these days, but when I met Marc a decade ago, he was a wickedly smart, very down to Earth guy who still manned the support calls as needed.

Thinking about this I'm reminded of one of my instructors at MMI. He was a Very accomplished mechanic (having headed many championship winning race efforts), and was talking with us about a then-current Pikes Peak race bike they were working on. They made a custom "Dial-a-Jet" setup that the rider could adjust with a thumb-wheel on one of the bars to compensate for the ~8,000 feet in elevation change. I'm sure one could work out a solution along those lines.... or there's always the homebrew EFI solution. Very Happy

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