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Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:25 am
Heated MC clothing might not be the best option....        

Generally it works by fitting close to the body, and tightly. I'm not sure how comfortable that would be seated in a car seat (not to mention the extra pressure on the back causing the transfer of heat there to be possibly uncomfortably hot). Obviously, you can buy a "looser" fitting garment, but then the efficiency goes down and power draw goes up.

That said, my vest ( has a built-in temp controller on the gamit iself instead of requiring an external unit. The downside is that you only have 4 fixed settings (off, lo, mid, hi) instead of infinitely adjustable. Hasn't been an issue for me in the least. You should be aware that Some heated gear has proprietary plugs that I'm pretty sure wouldn't fit in a "cigarette lighter" plug... something to keep your eyes open for at least.

Anyway, all things being equal if you have the money to spend to give a try, it may work out just fine. I'd offer mine as a loaner, but I'm sorta hoping that your GF isn't my size (44/46 chest/suit size and tall torso).

And yeah, cold car isn't fun for commuting. I always just deal with it, but I installed a coolant heater in my wifes car so it A) starts easily, thus allowing for less engine wear and B) has pretty much Instant heat, even if it's -40.

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