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Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:03 am
High Altitude Performance        

As I noted my fuel milage was all over the map for the '15 IBR. However, breaking that down further:

Above 4K ft - 54 mpg
Below 4K ft - 71 mpg

The bike was jetted for sea level so I expected the performance at altitude to not be ideal. Now that the rally is complete i'd like to work on improving the bikes high altitude performance.

The real issue is at altitude there is insufficient O2 for the fuel. To achieve the best performance the available O2 needs to be increased. There are three ways to increase O2 that I'm aware of:

1. Turbo Charging
2. Super Charging
3. NOS

I feel that all three of these options are overly complicated and may not be reliable enough to go the rally distance.

If it's not possible to increase the O2 levels my next best option is to optimize the F/A ratio across a wide range of altitudes sea-level to 10K ft. Again there are three ways that I can think of to achieve this:

1. carry extra Carbs jetted for altitude. (not a viable option for me, i'm not willing to take the 30-45 mins to swap the carbs.)
2. Dial-A-Jet. This may be my best option. Does anyone know where I can get some additional information on a dial-a-jet setup?
3. Fuel Injection. this is also a good option but more complicated than I'm comfortable with dealing on the road.

I appreciate a discussion on this topic.

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