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Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:43 pm
My Roots: 'little bikes'        

Started on a Vespa, then got into Yamaha 400s. My fave of that line was the Seca, of which I had (and destroyed Sad) three. Had a GPz305, an RD350LC...The LC lived to see another owner (who apparently seized it later, alas).

These are the bikes I loved the most. I had a wonderful time on an 84 GPz750 for awhile, but haven't found that vibe since.

I've recently found myself on an 86 EX250. I think I'm like Solo in the new Star Wars trailers: " I'm home".

Riding this scoot around reminds me why I love bikes of this class. They are just all manner of fun to ride, are work to ride briskly and worth every second of it. This Ninja may have saved my career as a motorcyclist (i was getting sadly bored with the usual big bores and the weight and the complexity and etc etc).

Now to keep it running forever!

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